About Us

Throughout the developed and developing world, academia and industrial giants of current era are investing their resources and contributing towards its cohesion into everyday life. The focus of Smart-City Laboratory is to provide state-of-the-art resources to the researchers working in technologies towards Smart City concept. This laboratory will act as the national hub for academia and industry focusing their energies to incorporate AI based emerging smart technologies in every-day life. These smart technologies include:

● Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems and IoT

● Intelligent Transport

● Building Information Management

● Mobile Augmented and Simulated Reality for Smart Cities

● Smart Energy

The concept of Smart City can be defined as collection of services and infrastructures deployed and built to enhance the quality of life of the citizens and are supported by using information and communication technologies. The augmentation of conventional city services and infrastructures with ICT technologies, systems and advanced applications, the everyday life experience becomes more effective, quick, flexible and more sustainable. Smart cities adopt such core systems through the use of technology to efficiently and effectively utilize their limited resources.